Celebrating the Power of Community with Red30 Tech Exercise App

Belief in the power of community is central to how Red30 Tech innovates as a company. Trail2marathon, acquired by Red30 Tech a few years ago, has continued to develop their race training application and expand its focus to include features for the whole community. This iteration of the application is now called Red30 Community and will launch as part of the Red30 Gives Foundation to honor the value of bringing people together to achieve great things.

This year on June 15th, Red30 Community will be available in app stores for any individual to download. The application is launching officially with the 5K fun run in the City of Orange Valley. The beta version of this cloud-based application has been available to members of the City of Orange Valley community since March. The application allows users to track their training, connect with other runners, see other community events, and compile health data from other applications. It also allows for full privacy control at every level to allow each user to customize the app based on their needs.

To find out more about this application, we reached out to one of the registered participants, Sandie Gobnet. “The app is really amazing,” said Gobnet. I downloaded it when I got my race day information and I thought I’d look at it once and delete it. However, it’s really helpful! It connects to three different wellness applications I already have on my phone and my scale at home. Suddenly, I can see a connection between my activities and lifestyle. Also, the application has a really active community section. I have training buddies and a whole group of friends to run with on June 15th. This is everything I could possibly want in a community application—I joined a supportive group within my community and made new friends. How often do you hear someone say that an application helped them find people to hang out with in person?”

Sandie isn’t the only one to report this type of engagement. Already, there are 3,000 users that identify themselves as living in the City of Orange Valley and over 50 user-created communities that are active daily. That number continues to grow.

Red30 Tech engineers will partner with mathematics and ethics grad students at Orange Valley University to develop research questions around the data gleaned from this trial and the five others planned this year.

Sarada Kapoor, Red30 Tech CEO, spoke about this partnership recently at an all-hands meeting. “Red30 Tech has always worked to help businesses grow globally,” said Kapoor. “So, what can be better than supporting every human in creating connections within their community and getting data that helps them live their best life? Since Red30 Community is a community-based application with health components, we’ll strive to be ethical and visionary in how we use data. First and foremost, the only data we’ll use will be shared by participants who opt in and toggle on the data they wish to share. Second, we’re partnering with a college in the community to create partnerships that support the local economy and help us think through the hard questions of technological excellence. I’m so hopeful for this launch and what iterating it can mean for communities across the globe and into the future.”

Good luck to all of you running at the 5K in the City of Orange Valley this June. We can’t wait to join you virtually and in person!