Red30 Protect

Protect data based on asset sensitivity
Label and classify your data and documents manually, or take advantage of powerful AI recommendations
Assign targeted permissions
Control access no matter where the data is stored or shared, to limit who can view, edit, print, or share the asset.
Advanced monitoring for visibility
Track your data, change permissions, or revoke access, at any time, and monitor usage, sharing, and other logistics.
Seamless integration
Apply protection to any data hosted on Red30 Cloud products and enjoy automatic integration and access in a single click.
Encryption flexibility
You choose between Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) or Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) encryption.
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“Red30 PROTECT has saved us time and money, and most importantly has protected our data on the cloud, on our servers, and wherever it’s shared. At the end of the day, it gives us the peace of mind to run our business without nagging security worries.”
~ Martin Stevens, VP Engineering, Globe Bank International
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