About Red30 Tech

Leader in technology and business solutions

Red30 Tech is the leading source of secure, fully customizable technology and business solutions.  We cater to those who need scalable results that are sustainable for their company and the planet. With the ever-evolving technology landscape, we want to be your go-to source for business technology.

Currently, we serve over three billion people yearly through products and solutions like business applications, point-of-service contact, and data storage. Our 5,000 devoted employees in 22 countries work hard to make sure you always have the support you need. Our goal is to have offices in 100 countries by 2030 to ensure every growing entrepreneur across the globe has access to environmentally sustainable tech solutions. Whether you’re shopping for fruit at your local market or merging databases on two different continents, we have you covered.

Our customers

We build tools with the growing mid-size enterprise market in mind. Those tools and our services provide support to companies of all sizes, but our focus is always on expanding global markets.


We value emerging companies and we understand your needs. We’ll get you the technology support you need today and help you develop a scalable global model that fits your business plan for tomorrow.


Our core product and service lines are developed around research of this portion of our customer base. Mid-sized corporations in the international market have an excellent understanding of how the market changes and how we need to develop technology. We work to create the tools that serve this group because these tools serve businesses of all sizes.


Here at Red30 Tech, we know that even in a room of creative, brilliant minds, we can’t solve all problems by ourselves. We value what can be done when we work together for a better world. As such, we value our partnerships with enterprise companies. This is why we offer enterprise and partner options at this level.